Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit | REVIEW

My Is Wealthy Affiliate legit Review shows affiliate marketing opportunities around since 2005 and also goes by Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate ranks highest due to its results and success of its members. Read my Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit Review and judge for yourself.

Newcomers to this opportunity always ask is Wealthy Affiliate legit, and quite rightly so! Firstly I want to commend you for taking the time to take a look at Wealthy Affiliates and hope my Wealthy Affiliate review 2018 will help you decide for your self about them.  This is prudent as one can never be too careful when dealing with potential online affiliate scams.  I will be detailing a full Wealthy Affiliate Review Break Down to find out if it is legit or scam!

Lets start at the beginning, shall we…

Organisation Wealthy Affiliate
Owners Kyle and Carson

Free Life Time Starter Account
$ 0,00 (Sign Up Here)

Premium Account
$ 19 Special Offer for the first month
$ 49 after first month
$359 / yearly, optional (39% savings!)

Other Joining Offers
Two Free Websites with SiteRubix


Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Kyle founder and owner of Wealthy Affiliate with family

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam

Carson founder and co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate with familiy

Kyle and Carson with families. Founders and Owners of


How I Found Wealthy Affiliate

Not so long ago I was Looking into a different group of Affiliate Marketers promising me the world for no sign up fee.
It was a little too hard to believe but I was excited and, honestly, did not want to find anything wrong with it.

I stumbled upon a site giving a review of the same group.  Turns out, this affiliate ‘Marketing-Guru’ that had been promising me riches, hadbeen arrested, tried and sent to prison for fraud!!

I felt sick!  I felt ‘sick’ because I really believed his nonsense.
Who knows how m uch money that group would of got out of me along with time and energy.

Is Wealthy Affiliate trustworthy

Learn to Build your own Affiliate Website or Blog

Before we continue – if you are just looking for a quick one page Sign-Up-Form to Wealthy Affiliate then please click here.
You will be directed to go straight into Wealthy Affiliate for your Free Lifetime Account, two Free Websites and Ten Video Tutorials.


Hard To Have Faith In Affiliate Marketing At Times

I began my search once again.  Entering into Google all kinds of keywords to try and find someone who had a No Sign Up Fee Work From Home Opportunity, feels like a needle in a haystack at times!!!

I noticed Wealthy Affiliate, whom I have never heard of, kept popping up. “Huh!  Probably another F&@K@@G SCAM!” I thought.  So I Googled to see if Wealthy Affiliate really was a scam as I was NOT going to have my time wasted again.  Read an article depicting all the training, SEO Marketing Strategies and how they can take an Online Marketing Novice, like me, to Expert Level make money online.
LOL!  YEAH RIGHT!  No sign up fee though… so Isig ned up.  I could always just ignore them later, which is always my intention if something isn’t right!!

So, I decided to go on and investigate to see who these people thought they were kidding!!!

I gave my name.  Email.  Confirmed email.  Set Up my account by filling out bio and adding a profile picture.

I was also immediately welcomed by Kyle and Carson, who are the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate, and received precise instructions as for my next step.  OK, so far so good.

I  watched a video designed to orientate you and was welcomed  by a wave of people.  That was impressive, I had to admit, it seemed it is a really close knit community.

I was walked through, via video tutorials, all the plugins and updates, pages and post creation for my first new websiteWHICH WAS ALL MINE – FOR FREE – JUST FOR SIGNING UP!

I was still looking for the B.S. though, so held back my excitement a lot to see where they were going wrong, and, I did find a few things. I will cover that in the Pro’s Con’s soon enough!

Before I knew where I was I had two free websites, this being one of them, and expertly trained in delivering rich content!!


The following was presented for Starter and Premium Accounts.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit

Wealthy Affiliate Membership – Options Starter | Premium

Starter Membership for Wealthy

For Newbies To Get Started Quickly I found Wealthy Affiliate gave a way a lot and enthusiastically eager to show you how, even with the free tools, you can STILL Make Money Online.  WOW!  Ok, lets examine.



The Live Help consists of an over 200,000 strong community of newbies and experts.  Whenever you are stuck, even if it is 2 am, you can go into your Live Community Chat and just put a question out there.

I was always ‘touched’ by how quicklypeople got back to me.  Even if they had to boil it down fit enough for a five year to understand it, I got the question answered.  There is no abuse, no being talked down to as a newbie and just very friendly and kind responses that are, most importantly, helpful.


Yes, two free websites!  So if you already have a product/niche you can get straight into setting up your websites and selling!

This is ideal if your already signed with the likes of Click Bank, Amazon, Ebay etc the list is endless.

What if you don’t have a product to sell online with Wealthy Affiliate?

That’s alright, Wealthy Affiliate will help you with that also through the Affiliate Boot-Camp Training Course (FREE) for PHASE 1!!  Additionally you get FREE Website Back-Up.


For the sake of brevity I will just tellyou that if you know nothing of  affiliate marketing, this course answers and shows and walks you through all the theory and setting up.  All f orsigning up for a free account!
It’s priceless knowledge and you wouldha ve to pay a hansom fee for it usually.


Ok, this is where I started to get REALLY IMPRESSED!  This is what I wanted to see and hoped for.  How to make money online without any sign up fee!  SO, by signing up you are apart of an affiliate program for entrepreneurs from the outset – sounds enticing, but where’s the catch?


This refers to a part of the course that talks about Jaaxy.  You know Google Keywords Planner Tool?  This is what JAAXY does but better!  It breaks down keywords you, as a beginner, can get all the low hanging SEO keywords out there to get your site indexed on Google faster!  And for the Advanced Affiliates Jaaxy has a ton of advanced keyword tools for your online campaigns.

<——Welcome to Jaaxy – The Worlds Most Advanced Search Engine.——>

If you need keywords right now for your posts or pages/websites – go ahead and get 30 of them for FREE!  Just TYPE IN ABOVE your keywords and find the best ones!  Don’t use Google Keyword Tools because they give out the SAME KEYWORDS to your competitors!  HOW is that an advantage to you?  Jaxxy has many more tools to help you find the BILLIONS of UNTAPPED Keywords for your website.


Free to sign up by clicking link above.


What Kind Of Work Will You Be Doing At Wealthy Affiliate?

When you were a kid, what were the compliments of what you were gooda t, did you receive?
Have a good think about this and make a list ofwhat you can remember?  Did adults say you were good a sport?
Good imagination (for writing perhaps?).  Good at board games (a chesswebsite anyone?).

Do you see what I am driving at yet?  Whatever the compliments you received is ALWAYS where YOUR NATURAL ABILITIES LAY! Look to your list and see how you could throw up an entire skyscraper of a website to earn money from online from home.
If your not PASSIONATE about your topic, you won’t persevere with it.

So, to answer the question, what kind of work will you be doing at Wealthy Affiliate, simply, you will:-

  • Create your own free website (x2) for zero dollars.  Yours for life!
  • Learn how to BUILD out your website’s structure.
  • The ‘ART‘ of CONTENT CREATION!  Content truly is KING! BUT, Quality Content trumps ‘Ace’s’ everytime!
  • Bread and Butter skills like SEO (this can be a real stick in the mud for newbies).  YOU will learn this trade very well in a short amount of time – with effort!.
  • Plugins to your website (your ‘Social Media Tentacles‘).
  • Learn to get ‘ping-backs‘ to your site.  I will give you the ‘ping-back-list‘ personally, after, you sign up.  My Bonus to You!  Just ASK ME!
  • Learn to submit a ‘Site-Map‘ to Search Console (another headache for newbies) with ease.
  • SWITCH-ON‘ the ‘fabled’ Google Analytics!  This will allow you to see the traffic on your site 24/7 in Real Time and so much more!
  • You will write properly SEO’ed posts until Google sits up and takes notice, after which, combined with your expert
    training, you will get a ton of traffic for sales.


Five minutes from now you could have all of the above and more. A week from now You could have the ‘foundation’ to your website laid. 4 Months from now – well – look at my site!! AT THAT, I was unable to write for four of those weeks and I still managed, with Wealthy Affiliate, have an ever expanding website.

Just so you know, I got this website you are looking at, for FREE!  Not bad huh?


Personal Affiliate Blog:

It does exactly what it says on the tin! A free blog to go with everything else just for signing up that you can use to put your other affiliate links to products.


This is a ten week course and phase 1 is completely free for all those who follow the affiliate boot camp training route.  There is just too much description required to explain to you what you will get from this course, lets just say, you will be earning by the end of it!  You can’t not be earning as it is expertly designed and is it’s natural out come of correct training, practice and step by step application.  Should you do this course, It is profoundly important you never ever miss a step , in which case, you will never go wrong.  Web hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliates equates, comparable to others, $250 A Month!
As you can see, Wealthy Affiliates charges a whole lot less.

Video Walk Throughs:

All the videos you will be trained with walk you through it all so you can look over the should of industry professionals and do as they do.  If don’t have to do it exactly if you have other ideas but the knowledge will allow you to have a choice.


As you are being trained you can still take steps to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. Taking steps every day in your training and applying it to your business will ensure Google, Yahoo and Bing love you thus leading to more sales.

The above is the rating out of 100% of Wealthy Affiliates Tools.  This is only a ‘SNIPPET’ of what you receive!
Most other affiliate sites charge extra for each of the above and more!
Wealthy Affiliate does not – nor ever will!!!


Get Started Now For $ 0.00!


So I realize that is a fair amount of information to absorb especially when it comes to getting all the above for just signing for a free account.


What You Get For Premium Account Sign Up

Much of the chart above is pretty self explanatory, however, there are a few key differences between the Free Start Up Membership and the Premium Account Membership.

Premium Account With Wealthy Affiliate

The Premium Account Has Life Time:

  •  Community Help from Industry Professionals and Leaders in their fields.  These people don’t just make money in affiliate marketing, THEY DOMINATE THEIR NICHES!!  These people are here for you 24/7 for all your questions.
  • Website Security also  comes with the Premium Membership affording you peace of mind, around the clock, Online Security.
  • As a Free Account Member you can still make money but when you sign up to the Premium Account YOUR COMMISSIONS ARE DOUBLED!
  • You have Professional around the clock One to One Coaching.  This is amazing!!  Professional coaches at your beck and call for all of your questions day or night!
  • With this package, incredibly, you have Personal Access to the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, who will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have and be happy to help you with any problems you may encounter.

24/7/365 Website Support, Website
Feed Back Platform, Website Comment Platform along with Website
Analysis!!!  PHEWWWW!!  I think you get the idea, these guys seem to be
very serious about getting you earning online as quick as possible.


You can have a FREE MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT for Life!  No Pressure to Up Grade!

Wealthy Affiliate Pro’s

  • Live Community Help From Industry Leaders and Professionals.
  • 24/7/365 Website Support.
  • 34/7/365 Website Security.
  • Website Feed Back Platform.
  • Website Comment Platform.
  • Website Analysis.
  • Personal Access to Site Owners for Help.
  • Affiliate Marketing Beginner Course.
  • Free Life Time Account Membership.
  • Free Life Time Account Membership Comes with the Affiliate Program.
  • Earning While You Are Learning.
  • Doubled Commissions When You Up Grade.
  • 7 Day Premium Access to Try Before You Buy.
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Training Free For Phase 1!

I am going to stop here now, I am tired from typing.  I could easily carry on but you get the idea I am sure.

What you get with your Two Free Websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Con’s

Has anyone here ever read a bad review on Wealthy Affiliate?  If so, I would really like to see it.

OK, their are a few things.

  • I could not find the ‘catch’.  This is good news but I spent a lot of time trying to find major flaws!
  • I would of liked the free 7 day premium access to have been at least 14 day trial.
  • Once, no one got back to me in the Community Live Chat.  One out of 100 times.

I can’t think of anything.

I have to conclude Wealthy Affiliate is NOT A SCAM!

Overall Rating For Wealthy Affiliate:  97/100!

I am sticking with these guys!!


My Recommendations for Joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe Wealthy Affiliate is genuine and does seek to help all newbies and
advanced affiliates to attain online success within their market niches.

I KNOW $49 / month is nothing for all the tools, hosting and training that you receive.

If you are interested in working from home and want to make money please click here for a
Premium Account $49/month.



Join Up Now and Receive a Special Discount Bonus Offer!!!


The above Bonus Offer is valid for Seven Days after signing up with WA.
*No longer valid after this period.  Those who go Premium Sooner Earner Sooner – the choice is yours.



Wealthy Affiliate Free Account

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Login

Should you have any questions regarding sign up to Wealthy Affiliate
please comment below and I will be very happy to help you to do so.  If
you know anyone that is looking to work from home then I’d appreciate
you showing/sharing this post.  Thank you kindly. Andre



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